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Britain’s first ever gold medallist

Sunday 21st August. Yet more rain! Apart from earlier in the year, we don’t seem as if we have had much of a summer here in the UK. Every time I get my bike out it starts raining. This weekend was no different, but the sun did come out on Sunday afternoon, which allowed us to get on our bikes for a short, but enjoyable ride.

As usual I took my small pocket camera with me, in the hope of seeing a picture. I always like to take at least one reasonable shot that can be added to my ever expanding picture library.

Whilst cycling through the village of Shapwick (which is situated alongside the River Stour), we noticed a sign by the local recreation field, which gave information about a local man (Charles Bennett) who was

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in a track and field event. He won his gold medal at the 1900 Paris Olympics with a record breaking 1500m run in 4 minutes 6.2 seconds. Its good to know that a world class Olympian can come out of a small village like Shapwick in Dorset.