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Short Review of the Fotodiox Pro GoTough Action Grip for the Sports GoPro Hero Camera

As a travelling photographer, I’m always looking for new gear to help me travel lighter, and it was while looking at some YouTube videos that I accidentally came across this Fotodiox Pro GoTough  Action Grip for the GoPro Hero camera. Also by chance, it fitted my precise requirements for being able to hold and plug in an external microphone to the GoPro camera.

I looked on Amazon and was able to order it from the USA, and it came within a week – very impressive!!

I have not done any filming with it yet, but wanted to share my initial thoughts on it. Well, the build seems to be quite sturdy; it’s an all-metal construction, apart from the knobs to tighten the cold shoe mount and the aluminium GoPro mount, which have metal screws with plastic grips. There is a foam handgrip. It has a 1/4″ female tripod mount on the bottom. Weight without camera or microphone = 258 g.

The Action Grip comes with a 24-month manufacturers warranty!

I’m hoping to get good use out of it on my next cycle trip, which will be to the Outer Hebrides in spring.

Below are some photographs I have taken of the Fotodiox Pro GoTough Action grip.

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Making Plans … 2015 Cycle Touring Trips

This year we are planning to do, hopefully, two longish cycle tours (if things work out!),  interspersed with shorter weekend cycle/camping trips. It might be that we only manage to fit in just one long trip, but if you don’t make plans, you won’t do anything!

One of the longer trips in the planning is the Outer Hebrides, which are off the west coast of Scotland. As we will be halfway there when we go to the UK’s first ever Cycle Touring Festival being held in May in Clitheroe, Lancashire (see my previous post), it makes sense to continue the journey and drive on up to Oban for the ferry to the Hebridean Islands. The second, much longer, trip is The Rhine Cycle Route, (EuroVelo 15), from source to sea through Switzerland, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

We are still very much at the planning stage and need to sort out the logistics. If any of you have done either of these trips, we would appreciate any hints / tips / useful info you can pass on.

What I’m also going to do is to document the trip/trips photographically and also film the journeys. So, as they say, watch this space!!

2015 Cycle Trips