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A trip to the forest

My niece is considering taking photojournalism at university. At the moment, though, she is studying landscape photography as part of her A level course. So, during half-term week, she asked if she could spend a day with me to pick up some tips. Unfortunately, the day I was free dawned dull, grey and miserable!

We decided, first of all, to visit the Landscape Photographer of the Year exhibition (which was on display locally), in the hope that the weather would perhaps brighten up later. But, it seemed set to stay overcast and gloomy. So, I thought the best bet was to take a trip out to the New Forest to try out some HDR (high dynamic range) images. This is a good technique to use when the weather doesn’t play ball, as it can lend an intense richness to an image that would otherwise be quite flat under overcast conditions. You can see what I mean from the before and after photos below.

Click on the images to enlarge them to get the full impact of HDR.

Before HDR

After HDR