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The beauty of autumn

“There is a harmony
In autumn, and a lustre in its sky,
Which through the summer is not heard or seen,
As if it could not be, as if it had not been!”

-Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792 – 1822)

“How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last

-John Burroughs

“The one red leaf, the last of its clan,
That dances as often as dance it can,
Hanging so light, and hanging so high,
On the topmost twig that looks up at the sky.”

-Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Nomansland, New Forest Hampshire in the Autumn

Nomansland, New Forest Hampshire in the Autumn



‘Autumn...the year’s last, loveliest smile.’― William Cullen Bryant

Summer was good. We had sunshine and warmth – something that has been missing here in the UK for the past few years. Keen to make the most of it, we broke a couple of our camping rules and camped a few times during the school holidays. We even broke Rule No 1 and went camping on a Bank Holiday! Add to that the company of six grandchildren and some would say we were having a crazy senior moment! In fact, we had a lovely weekend – the campsite wasn’t as full as we had anticipated and it was great to spend quality time with the grandkids. It did, however, take us a week to recover! In fact – he says tentatively – we’re thinking of making the family camping weekend an annual event … but perhaps not over a Bank Holiday!

Now, autumn is upon us and winter looms. I must admit, winter is not my most favourite time of the year, but I must learn to change my mindset. Autumn colours are wonderful and frosty mornings can be beautiful. And snow – should we get any – can be magical. Before it gets all churned up and mushy, that is.

We have been busy organizing my photos and working on giving my website a new look. It is very time-consuming and staring at a computer screen all day long can sometimes send you stir crazy. Anyway, to get you in the mood for autumn, here are a few shots I’ve taken over the years (click on the images to view a larger size).

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Autumn in Scotland Scottish autumn colours Quiet reflections, Mudeford, Christchurch Autumn dawn Hurst Point lighthouse River Stour and Christchurch Priory Christchurch Dorset UK Orange Peel fungus, New Forest New Forest pony in new winter coat Majestic stag, Arne Nature Reserve